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Sarah Schaper, aka ZazaCreative Director of Rossario George.


She is a multidisciplinary Designer and Creative Director from Hamburg, Germany. Currently based in Seattle, WA, working as a Creative Director at one of the PNW top fashion and lifestyle companies, Rossario George. Zaza has over 11 years of industry experience within branding, digital marketing, advertising, visual communication and fashion design. She's very ambitious and passionate about everything she creates – especially digital solutions, advertising campaigns and branding for both new and existing brands. She has been a great asset to her international digital marketing company, Metia where she has been for over 6 years, as a Senior Designer, working with all major tech and finance companies as Microsoft, Amazon, AWS, Dell, KonyDBX, Temenos, TDECU. Before she started her career at Metia, she worked with different Beauty and Lifestyle clients such as  NIVEA, Labello, 8x4, and Jack Daniels and more.


Zaza is a true artist, she brings her visions to life, tells the story while keeping the end user and their experience in mind.


In her own words:

"I have been working with Tony Vincente since 2014 and always dreamed of being a designer for a fashion and lifestyle brand to be able to share my designs to the world is a dream come true.

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Tony Vincente is a man with many talents. CEO/President and Designer of Rossario George, creative director, stylist and online personality, well-known for his own personal style and cooking abilities.

In 2018, Tony created the lifestyle brand, Rossario George. This trendsetting fashionable brand creates and curates’ beautiful collections that make life sexy and special. These collections include stylish and sophisticated women’s ready-to-wear, timeless shoes, Leaping Bunny certified beauty, and home accessories that will take your breath away.

Since its creation, Rossario George has garnered fans around the world and the attention of respected publications including Cliché Magazine, Gladys Magazine, British Vogue, GQ, New Face Magazine and many more.

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John J.


John J. Martinotti, Director of Photography for Rossario George.


As an accomplished Editorial Fashion Photographer and Producer, John has the privilege to travel the globe, collaborating with world-class models and some of the brightest creative teams, and publishers in the industry, ensuring his production and cohesiveness are met with extraordinary results.  John does not believe one size fits all; in essence, his keen eye for detail and modern taste for aesthetic is clean and is never static along with being seamless in capturing the raw emotions to produce impressive results.

When John is enlisted to produce a fashion campaign shoot, he tells a story.  His years of leadership experience, and his creative visions, are the foundation that allows John to convey stories and viewpoints through the medium of photography.  John knows what makes a good shot.  Often, clients of John comment on how wonderful he has a way of putting everyone on the set at ease, where the photoshoot is technically superb, the project was smooth, and his time management was on point

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